10 Signs You Were Born To Be a Digital Marketer

We are well and truly entrenched in the digital age and it’s been some time now since the birth of digital career options. The very nature of digital technology is a fast paced and ever-evolving space so you would be forgiven for being a little uncertain about what options are available to you. Marketing is not new but digital marketing is certainly a unique method of marketing and while skills can be taught, some people are hardwired for a thriving career in this realm. Let's look at the 10 signs that you were born for digital marketing:

1. An interest in technology and trends

Do you find yourself first in line for the latest software, tools and apps? Are you the go-to person among friends and family when it comes to online trends and the newest developments? Ask yourself why? This appetite for all things digital isn’t just a mild curiosity, it is an urge to understand how these digital advancements affect human and corporate behaviour.

2. A passion for storytelling

It may come as a surprise to some people that digital marketing and storytelling are intrinsically linked. If you find you are drawn to a good story, then you have already skipped ahead of the crowd. Storytelling is essential in digital marketing. In order for a brand to connect and relate with their target market, they must tell a story that resonates with the people they are trying to reach. A natural talent as a storyteller can be a game changer in this area.

3. Analytical thinking

Marketing has become so much more than simply raising awareness of a brand. Digital marketing includes analysis, tracking and indeed predicting consumer behaviour. If analysing data, studying numbers, patterns and trends is something that excites you, then this is a goldmine just waiting for you to go digging.

4. Flexibility

If a routine working week that operates on an even keel bores you, then you’ve come to the right place. Platforms adapt, algorithms change, and strategies must be constantly refined so if change excites you, know that your adaptability is highly valued in the digital marketing space.

5. Drive for lifelong learning

It takes a curious mind to keep up with the digital world. A person with a drive to continuously study, read and learn is the kind of person to thrive in digital marketing. A continuous pursuit of information isn't simply of benefit to an industry that sees regular paradigm shifts, it's a must.

6. Problem-solving ability

Many marketing strategies are referred to as “problems” and so too are quizzes and puzzles. The mind of an innate marketer will view professional challenges as puzzles with a solution. It is this solution oriented mindset that is an excellent asset to any marketing team, whether it's developing a strategy to enter a new market area or analysing a reduction in website traffic.

7. Feelings for the audience

It takes an empath to truly understand the wants and needs of an audience. If you find your interests are greater than simple demographics and you lean into people's emotions, motives, and pain spots, this is the key to connecting with people on an emotional level. This empathy allows you to create campaigns that have a strong emotional impact, resulting in significant and long-lasting connections.

8. Creativity and innovation are also important.

As an extension of your solution oriented perspective on a problem, you think creatively and sometimes, you see things differently to others. You see opportunities where others see obstacles.  Your ability to tackle problems imaginatively means that your campaigns have the potential to truly stand out in the wide digital world. If any of this is familiar to you, you probably know by now. You are a born digital marketer.

9. Excellent communication skills

Communication is key! Think back over your personal and professional life. If your ability to express yourself and connect with people has always shone, whether it was presenting a school project, leading a college team, or selling an idea at work, you’re already a step ahead. In digital marketing, successfully communicating ideas, insights, and results is critical, and your natural aptitude provides you with an advantage.

10. Results driven

Are you the kind of person who likes to see something through to the end? For you, ideas are just the beginning, you are motivated by execution and outcomes. You're the one who tracks, measures and analyses tactics to ensure that they are in fact working and are more than something that looks good on paper? That is in essence, digital marketing!

If any of these 10 traits resonate with you and make you think perhaps this could be a career path you would like to follow, then you’ve come to the right place. Digital marketing involves many skills that can be learned but there are some people who are simply born with many of the qualities of a great digital marketer.  If you recognise yourself in these characteristics, the digital world is your oyster!

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Parvez hasan
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Sure, there are signs that might indicate you were born to be a digital marketer.

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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