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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to frequently asked questions.

    • What recognition do you have?
    • Our courses

    The British Academy of Digital Marketing is recognised by the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC). View full details of our recognitions and approvals.

    • How were the courses designed?
    • Our courses

    Our courses have been carefully designed to provide an up-to-date and practical educational experience to ensure that our students are primed to succeed upon graduation. Our comprehensive course materials have been developed in collaboration with leading industry experts.

    • How can I access the course materials?
    • Our courses

    Once you have registered on a course, you will receive login details to the student area of our website called the Online Learning Centre. This is where you will be able to access all your course materials which include: practical, instructional videos; written content on a variety of topics tailored to your subject area; and vocationally relevant assignments. All course materials are created by industry experts.

    • What support will I receive during the course?
    • Our courses

    When you register for a course, you will be assigned your tutors and be given login details to the student area of our website called the Online Learning Centre. Your supportive tutors will guide you through the learning process and you can contact them directly by email or through the forum which can be accessed through the Online Learning Centre.

    If you have any issues or questions about the Online Learning Centre, your payments, your student card or upgrading your course, you can contact Student Services.

    • Do you offer work placements?
    • Our courses

    Yes. Graduates of the British Academy of Digital Marketing Postgraduate Diploma are eligible for an optional work placement with a digital marketing company. All placements are made in the greater London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh areas. Please note that you need to be eligible to work in UK to avail of this opportunity.

    • English is not my first language. Can I still enrol on the course?
    • Course requirements

    All you need to begin is an interest in digital marketing. Our Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma courses have no minimum educational requirement. No matter which course you choose our expert tutors will provide you with all the necessary support and guidance that you need to succeed.

    • What are the benefits of doing a home study course?
    • Choosing the right course

    Our home study courses offer you the flexibility to complete your assignments when it is convenient for you. This ensures you can work at your own pace but always with the support of your tutors.

    • What are the benefits of doing a classroom-based course?
    • Choosing the right course

    By choosing one of our classroom-based courses, you have the benefit of attending classes either every other Saturday or one evening a week. Whatever option you choose, you'll receive the guidance and support of our expert tutors, while also being able to complete the assignments at your own pace. This approach ensures that you receive the optimum support and knowledge required, with the least amount of disruption to your personal schedule.

    • What are the benefits of doing live online classes?
    • Choosing the right Course
    Our live online classes combine the convenience of studying from home with the experience of a classroom environment where students can interact with our skilled tutors in real-time. This dynamic environment enables students to ask questions, participate in class discussions, and receive instant feedback. It also creates a learning community and camaraderie that can help keep students motivated and engaged throughout their course. Our live online classes also make it easier for students to attend classes with minimal compromise to their own busy schedule.
    • Which course is right for me?
    • Choosing the right course

    To discuss the option that best suits your needs, please contact us and our experienced team will help you choose the course which is right for you.

    • What will the assignments be like?
    • Assignments

    Assignments are designed to be vocationally relevant to your area of study. In general, the skills you demonstrate in your first assignment will be built upon as you work through each assignment. This progression will ensure you can confidently use these skills in real-world scenarios. With the careful guidance of your tutors, you will be asked to submit a range of work which will include written assignments, practical work, presentations and more.

    • How are the assignments submitted?
    • Assignments

    Completed assignments are uploaded to our Online Learning Centre. You will get access to the Online Learning Centre once you register for your course.

    • How are assignment results given?
    • Assignments

    Constructive feedback on your assignment will be available from our secure Online Learning Centre within two weeks of submitting the assignment.

    • Will I receive a student card?
    • During your course

    We provide student cards at no additional charge. Simply request a student card by contacting Student Services or through the Online Learning Centre, which you will be given access to once you register for your course. You will then receive your student card by post within two weeks. While you don't need a student card to attend class, we recommended requesting one as many retailers will offer discounts to student card holders.

    • How long will I have access to the resources on the Online Learning Centre?
    • During your course

    Once you register for your course you will be given access to the Online Learning Centre where you will find all your course resources. Home study students have access to these resources for three years from the date of enrolment. Classroom-based students have access to these resources for three years from the date of their first class.

    • Is there a graduation?
    • After your course

    Yes. We hold an annual Graduation Ceremony where all students who have successfully completed a course during the year can receive their award.

Infrequently Asked Questions

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