3 ways to make your content convert

Building content that attracts and drives new business requires the use of some key ingredients – and we’re sharing that simple recipe for success. Content is king so it’s worth investing in. Maximise your content’s ROI using these three proven techniques.


1. Evergreen Content

Many marketers look to trends and industry news to find topics for their next piece of content. This can achieve engagement while the topic is relevant, but its impact can be short-lived. Your content schedule should always contain a mix of topical and “evergreen” content. “Evergreen” content, (also known as “sticky” content), features a topic or issue that is always relevant and has no expiration date.

For example, if your business is in the fitness industry, the 5 Best Arm Toning Exercises would be an evergreen topic. This topic will be searched for again and again and your post will remain consistently relevant.


2. Semi-Gated Content

Content is all about delivering value. Empowering your customers with knowledge they can use to better their lives or business will keep them coming back. In delivering such value, it’s okay to ask for a something in return. That’s where the idea of semi-gated content comes in. Semi-gated content allows your target audience to read part of your content, but asks them to submit some of their details to read the rest.

This technique can work as long as you give enough content upfront to prove it’s worth continuing to read. For example, you have built a list of 30 Tips. Make the first 10 tips available, but ask the reader to submit their details to read the rest. Your customer gets good content, and it converts to details for your e-mail database.


3. Clever Use of CTAs

A critical mistake many marketers make is publishing great content, but not including a Call-To-Action. Every piece of content you publish should feature a CTA. If a user has landed on your website and is actively engaging with your content – you need to take advantage of the opportunity. A simple sentence can direct them to the next phase of your user journey.

Linking to other relevant blog content, products or solution pages on your website is a must. This will keep your viewer engaged and informed and therefore a more likely buyer. A direct CTA like “start a free trial”, or “sign up to our emails”, is the perfect way to sign off and give those readers a signal to take the next step.

These three powerful techniques hold the key to transforming your content into conversions. Hit the jackpot by providing value to your audience while moving them towards becoming paying customers or clients.

Find out more about creating ideas for your next piece of online content here.

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Written by: Yvonne Deegan

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