Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

Every year welcomes a new generation of trends. Some are old reliables and some are brand new never-been-seen-before initiatives. Either way, social media marketing is almost exclusively driven by trends, and any digital marketer worth their salt needs to stay alert as to where they should be directing their energy. Digital marketing is a powerful tool with global reach and endless possibilities. In order to stay ahead of the curve, marketing trends need to be followed and sometimes, they need to be made. Here are a few social media marketing trends to keep an eye out for in 2023.


1. TikTok will dominate

Gen Z is the driving demographic behind this short-form video trend, but this demographic is also the future. 

TikTok will help connect brands to a younger audience and TikTok will increase its dominance as more brands begin to figure out how to leverage the social media platform's enormous popularity. Short, engaging videos are easy and inexpensive to create so we will witness how other social media platforms change their features to adapt and remain competitive.


2. Smaller social media platforms will attract more ad money

Google search trends show more search requests for ads on smaller social media platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Research shows that advertising money spent on these platforms delivers higher ROI. The ads on TikTok are seen as fun and enjoyable, which is in line with the existing content.


3. Social media platforms will become like online stores

Social media customers are shopping in-app on social media platforms and this trend is expected to explode. This behaviour started during the pandemic when people spent more time on social media and shopping online.

Shoppers are using social media to discover new products, services, and places, so it makes sense to allow them to make a purchase while they are there. 


4. Companies will hire designated social media experts 

Social media marketing can generate many valuable benefits for brands, but it requires a little expertise. Interaction on social media is a delicate balancing act that requires special skills and an in-depth understanding of a company, its ethos, and its goals.

Because this role is becoming increasingly complex, we will see more companies hiring social media professionals.


5. The rise of micro-influencers

Micro-influencers may have fewer followers than typical influencers, but they do not demand large sums of money and have greater engagement. Smaller brands may find that they get more value for their money by collaborating with one or two smaller influencers. They can reach a smaller audience more effectively than someone who has millions of followers but are not committed to engaging.


New social media platforms (and one veteran that might surprise you)


Social media is always evolving, and new platforms are constantly vying for their seat at the table. Here are a few to be aware of.


I. BeReal 

BeReal is a photo-sharing app that doesn't allow any editing, thus promoting honest connections between people. The app prompts users once a day to take a photo, using the phone's front and back cameras, and to share it within 2 minutes. The time limit prevents users from staging or editing their photos, ensuring their photos portray reality. The app, created in 2020, is gaining traction with downloads of the app increased by 315% since the beginning of 2022.


II. Hive Social

Hive Social combines aspects of Instagram (it's photo-centric), Twitter (users can post text messages), and Myspace (users can add music to their profiles).

This app is a response to algorithm-driven social media platforms that dictate what appears on a user's feed. Instead, it provides a chronological feed where users see what their friends, family, and those they follow, are posting in real-time. 

Marketing experts expect Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter users to flock to Hive Social, especially those marketing to Gen Z, with some Instagram and TikTok influencers already migrating.


III. Reddit

Reddit may seem old but millions still visit it every day, yet many brands remain unrepresented.

The platform offers an enormous advertising opportunity for brands because they can find their readymade target audience. Redditors share their interests and expertise via subreddits. Marketers simply need to find the subreddit with users interested in what they offer. Once they have identified the subreddit and its participants, they can create content and engage in discussions thus building organic relationships. 

Reddit has the third most active monthly users, behind Facebook and Instagram, and most of them (36%) belong to Gen Z. Reddit gained 30% more users in 2019.


Final thoughts

Digital marketing, and the role social media plays in marketing is a constantly evolving machine and what's highlighted today may very well be gone tomorrow and equally, what's not a factor today, might be crucial tomorrow. 

In order to run effective marketing campaigns, marketing professionals need to be constantly aware of new developments and trends online, and they need to keep ahead of the curve. 

If it was easy, everyone would do it! 


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at 2023-09-09 07:35

These trends align perfectly with the evolving needs of both consumers and businesses. The increasing importance of social responsibility and sustainability in social media is especially encouraging.


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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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